LONDON (Reuters) – Police investigating the worst terrorist attack in central London in 12 years arrested seven people and searched six addresses, Britain’s top anti-terrorism police officer said on Thursday.
Rowley told reporters late on Wednesday that police believed the attack was an act of “terrorism

Police officer Keith Palmer was killed in the London attack, March 22, 2017
Police officer Keith Palmer was killed in the London attack, March 22, 2017

People chanted May’s challenge on the Internet, sharing a picture of the London Underground logo with the words “We are not afraid.”

How an attack unfolded
The area surrounding Westminster was full of people when the attack began at around 14:40 local time (10:40 ET) Wednesday. Witnesses said the suicide bomber drove his car along the sidewalk on the Westminster Bridge, colliding with pedestrians as he went. The car fell on a large number of people, including three police officers.
“The attack continued, trying to enter the car parliament and then crashed near the parliament and at least one man – a – carrying a knife,” said Rowley. He was one of those who died of a woman.
Parliament put on lock for several hours and forced deputies to stay in the main debate room of the House of Commons.
In the early hours of Thursday morning, much of Westminster – Britain’s political heartland – is still cordoned off by police, with access to Downing Street and police headquarters in Scotland Yard blocked.

“Investigations continue in London, Birmingham and other parts of the country,” said Mark Rowley.
Rowley revised the death toll by 2:59. Rowley said the victims were a police protection officer, a woman in the mid-40s and a man in the mid-50s.
The attacker who rammed a car into a pedestrian on Westminster Bridge was killed before attempting to storm the parliament building, as the dead at the scene.
Twenty-nine people were treated at the hospital, seven of whom were still in critical condition, Rowley said. “Their injuries are minor,” he said there was also a number of.

Hundreds of detectives worked during the night, said Rowley, with an investigation focused on the attacker’s motivation, preparation and associates.
“, That this attacker acted alone yesterday and inspired by international terrorism is still our belief – – that continues to bear our investigation,” he said. “To be explicit, at this stage, we do not have specific information about additional threats to the public.”

A CNN UK official said the working theory was that the ISIS attack was “inspired or imitated”, but the authorities “are still investigating.” “Values ​​and community cohesion are now more important – this is a kind of test case.”
London Mayor Sadiq Khan said in a statement a candlelight vigil will be held Thursday evening at the Trafalgar Square, not far from Westminster, to show solidarity and remember the victims.
“London is the biggest city in the world and we will not bow to terrorism … We stand together, in the face of those who seek to harm us and destroy our way of life.” We always have, we will always, “he said.


Overnight, the police in Birmingham, central England, raided the apartment, but it was not clear whether it was linked to the London attack. When asked about the information, local police told CNN to London Metropolitan Police. CNN said he would not comment for “operational reasons.”
Only one of the victims has been publicly identified. Keith Ballmer, a 15-year-old London police officer, stabbed the parliament before the police killed the offender.
A total of 40 tourists were injured, including five South Koreans and three French high school students, according to officials from both countries. One Australian was in hospital, officials said there. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said one Chinese tourist was slightly injured.
It was the first terror attack in Britain since 2005 when 52 people and four attackers in the July 7 attacks killed a bomb on London’s public transport system.
British MPs return to parliament on Thursday, where many were trapped for several hours as a police operation outside the previous day revealed.
One member of the government, Tobias Elwood, has praised the hero after an attempt to save the police parade, Keith Ballmer, who later died.
Condemnation, Condolences
Prime Minister Teresa May described the attack as “sick and miserable”. Attempts to defeat through violent values ​​representing the parliament will be “doomed to failure”.
“Tomorrow morning, the parliament meets as usual we will come together as usual and London – and others from all over the world who come here to visit this great city – will get up and head towards their day as usual,” she said Wednesday.
“They will board the trains, they will leave their hotels, they will walk in these streets, they will live their lives, we will move forward all together never surrender to terrorism.