Here I want to consider the comparison
In the ethics of our master Jesus
And the ethics of others from society
And you know how the conditions of societies now
In many countries that call civilized nations
In their view, civilization lies in the following

Jesus peace be upon him-see what you not know about him

(Raising money through interest)
(Stripping the body of clothing in public roads)
(Drinking alcohol and drug addiction)
(Killing others to prove his strength)
(Adultery and gay marriage)
(Published for obscene through the media)
(Men look like in women in appearance)
(Raising children on bad things)
(Mother and father sent to care home when advancing age)

There are many things bad everyone knows
So I want to ask you do you belong to the civilization of God
For God sent us a law through the prophets and the apostles
Which we know and must learn – if we do not know
If we want to go to heaven
Because God accepts man with high morals
He does not accept the bad creature who spent his life in tampering.

So I’m sure that
Prophet Jesus refuses (raise money through interest)
Prophet Isa refuses (stripping the body of clothing in public roads)
Prophet Jesus refuses (drinking alcohol and drug addiction)
Prophet Jesus refuses (killing others to prove his power)
Prophet Jesus refuses (adultery and gay marriage)
The prophet Jesus refuses (propagated to obscene through the media)
Prophet Jesus refuses (men look in women in appearance)
Prophet Jesus refuses (raising children on bad things)
Prophet Jesus refuses (mother and father sent to home care when advancing age)
How can we be like him and pretend that we love our prophet?
And we do not belong to him in morality
(All religions are likewise)
And how do we want to go to heaven and meet with God ?????
I invite you to review with self
And thank you for your patience.