President Donald Trump has tweeted that “Iran is playing with the flame,” and warned Tehran that he would not be a “kind,” the former president Barack Obama. His comments came after Tehran’s missile test this week.

لا تلعب بالنار أنا لست أوباما

This comes a day after US President weakness Tehran that the military option is “not on the table” in the light of the missile test.

On Monday, Fox News referred to the US authorities as saying that Iran had done medium extending ballistic missile tests.

This was taken on Thursday after reports from CNN, NBC News and the Reuters news agency, quoting sources, said that Washington can take off authorize new against Iran before the deadline on Friday.

Iran confirmed that it tried the rocket, which was to dispatch “in line” with the arrangements.

“We will not allow outsiders to interfere with all due respect to the commitments,” Hossein Dehghan service revealed resistance to the Office Tasnim News on Wednesday.

In another tweet published on Thursday, Trump consist “Iran was at the end of life, ready to fall,” after “gave him the presence of a line such as Iran deal: $ 150 billion,” the United States

Because tweet Trump, likewise took the priest outside the Iranian Javad Zarif to social networks on the Internet, and the publication of an advertisement saying that Iran was not affected by the dangers of the United States, and will never start war.

Only about two years, Tehran and world powers five marked by order of mention under which Iran agreed to verify its nuclear program in return for an easing of licenses.

Tehran witness on Wednesday that the missile tests did not include missiles with nuclear warheads, which means they do not believe the arrangement is consistent with the world forces.

Zarif included Iran using ballistic missiles as a key aspect of the program warned.

The $ 150 billion that Trump was alluding to in his tweet was clear that the amount thus reaching Iran, respectively, and include billions of dollars in unfrozen resources in foreign banks worldwide.

With the lifting of approvals, in principle, it will open those assets. Nevertheless, it evaluated the US Department of Treasury’s Office again in the autumn, which pleases once Tehran obligations that have been identified with the assets, it would be about $ 55 billion remaining.

Meshil Amon