Daesh – behind the alleged terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge Bridge in London this morning? Around 2:40 pm local time, the London police responded to Aa’s appeals in parliament.


Daesh Organization In charge of London Attack
Daesh Organization In charge of London Attack

The attack on Parliament in Britain was sent in insurance after an attacker stabbed an officer and then fired by the police. At the same time, witnesses reported a car targeting pedestrians on the nearby Westminster Bridge. Aerial photos show the car crashed into the bridge railing near the injured.

The Prime Minister Teresa Mai in parliament where the attack began,
At a news conference, London police announced that 4 had died, including the attacker and a police officer. Twenty others were wounded.

Scotland Yard has reported that it is treating the terror attack until we declare it has not yet been achieved by the adoption of the United Kingdom to ban onboard electronics flights from some Muslim-majority countries. The New York Times writes that the United States has also adopted a ban, People carry laptops as on a relay. Airports in 10 Muslim countries are affected by the majority of laptop ban, including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Tunisia and Turkey.
The new law requires people of these states to put their laptops in check baggage.

The attack also comes on the same day that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hosted 68 foreign ministers from all the countries participating in the Global Counterparty Alliance in Washington, DC in the UK are included in this summit, ABC reports.

Reports that the channels are talkative about the attack, but did not claim it. Some ISIS channels celebrate the attack as revenge for air attacks in Mosul.

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